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Working the decks since his early adolescence, Toure is highly skilled every element of DJing from live performances to the fine art of turntablism. After spinning at a number of clubs in Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene before being able to legally drink, Toure relocated to Tallahassee, Florida to attend college. It was here in Florida where Toure displayed his taste making pedigree bybreaking Rick Ross’s introductory single “Hustlin” on his Collateral Payment mixtape. Becoming one of the area’s most requested DJ’s, Toure soon found himself spinning at clubs nearly every day of the week.
From this point Toure landed his first radio gig with Florida A&M’s 90.5 FM, working three nights a week. Developing a cult following, 100.7 FM “The Beat” owned by media giant Clear Channel came calling. Once 100.7 went defunct, Toure moved on toCumulus Media owned “Blazin” 102.3 FM where he worked until graduating from Florida A&M with honors.Returning to Chicago with his degree and a well-earned reputation in hand, Toure went on to perform at nearly of all Chicago’s major venues, spinning at a number of celebrity hosted events including Pierre Thomas’s Super Bowl victory party in Chicago and Derrick Rose’s All-Star Bash in Los Angeles and many more. These accolades landed him a professional gig with acclaimed recording artist Mikkey Halsted with whom he toured the nationextensively.
In 2011, Toure’s versatility attracted the attention of Grammy winning recording artist Estelle. After being blown away by his immaculate presentation and genre-bending mixing in person, Estelle signed Toure as her official tour DJ, further legitimizing his already elite reputation. With Estelle, Toure has broadened his international profile, drawing rave reviews from partygoers and promoters from Europe to Africa and back again. Frommixing pop and electro to hip-hop and soul, Toure knows no limits.


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